Monday, November 29, 2010

November 2010

It's the end of November and I haven't posted once this month!!

Have to fix that. I apologize to my loyal followers. Part of the problem is that my camera is taking fuzzy pictures. I don't know why... It used to work fine - it's a point and shoot, with adjustments that I don't fool with. Somehow it has gotten out of adjustment. I've tried several times to get it fixed. Finally took it to the camera store on Spring road. A very nice young lady working there, re-set it for me. Voila!

So what happened in November?? My beautiful baby girl had a birthday. We won't mention which one, but we had a fun family party. I decided to have a little fun with the candles. I had a whole new box - why save them? It was impressive, tho difficult to get them all lit before others melted to the icing.

I have been working very diligently on our new web site, we had 2 Thanksgivings, I tried contact lenses (again) and perhaps for the last time, (I wore them for years and years and couldn't remember why I gave them up - it's all coming back to me now) and I learned to play Spider Solitaire on my computer (my mother made me do it!) I have always tried to stay away from games on my computer, because I find certain kinds of games and puzzles irresistible. Anyway, I'm hooked.

Pictures of pillows and key-chain are part of 'Lucy' order. Eyelet pillow was made for winner of silent auction. I donated a gift card to United Way Silent Auction.

So, that's November in a nut shell. My goal is to have the new web site up asap, and to finish my orders so I can take more. I'd like to go to the the One-of-a-kind Gift shoe next weekend at the Mart, and the Kristkringlemart and Daley Center Plaza, so I might take Friday off.