Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Heeeer's Oliver

My Grand Nephew Oliver got his first haircut, in time for 1st Grade. He had beautiful ringlets. Here's the before and after, with my SIL Ani, his grandma. Is it just me, or are grandmother's getting younger?

His mom Janell is great about sending pictures, so I had lots to choose from in making a charm bracelet. Pictures start at left when he was just born, to 1st day of Kindergarten, last year.

Monday, September 13, 2010

World's Greatest (and coolest) Popcorn Salesman!

Sean, Elmhurst College Freshman and Bob's Grandson, is an active member of our congregation and willingly took on the popcorn machine for the afternoon. He sold a lot of popcorn!

Elmhurst Flea and Craft in the rain

I am sooo glad I bought a tent last year!! And it is waterproof! After a year of careful planning and excellent organization by our committee, it poured all morning... The Flea and Craft was supposed to run from 9 to 3, but the rain didn't let up until almost noon. It eased up and teased us a few times, but we weren't sure it was over 'til about noon. About 15 vendors wimped out, but the rest smiled through the rain. The good thing was that I had a place for my car right next to my space, so loading and unloading was easy. As usual, I brought more stuff than I have room to display. My plan is to pack those things that I want for Craft Fairs, and store them in the garage with the tent, tables and chairs. That will make it a lot easier. I can grab the little stuff, and new stuff when I need it. Sounds good - just need to DO IT.

Joey was having fun with Julia, wearing her purse as a hat. He's always been a hat person.

I spent a lot of time watching a young family 'shopping' across from me. Their adorable little girl, about 2 years old, zeroed in on a doll house and played with it for quite a long time. I was so worried that her parents wouldn't buy it - but they did! yea!!

Our neighbor in the building and at the event was Dr. Christy Matusiak. She was having one of her first outings with new baby Evan, only 3 weeks old. When Christy planned this, she didn't know that Evan would be 2 weeks late. She's a trooper, and Grandma Eileen came to help and cuddle Evan. He was a booth magnet for sure!

Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm not catholic but I enjoyed this a lot!

An old nun who was living in a convent next to a construction site noticed the coarse language of the workers and decided to spend some time with them to correct their ways.
She decided she would take her lunch; sit with the workers; and talk with them. She put her sandwich in a brown bag and walked over to the spot where the men were eating.
Sporting a big smile, she walked up to the group and asked: "And do you men know Jesus Christ?"
They shook their heads and looked at each other... very confused. One of the workers looked up into the steelworks and yelled out, "Anybody up there know Jesus Christ?"
One of the steelworkers yelled down, "Why?"
The worker yelled back, "'Cause his wife's here with his lunch."

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Sweetie

This is Bob, (my Bob). The picture was taken on our cruise last year. We aren't taking a vacation until after the Nov. elections*, so it's a long time between.

One of the ways cruise lines make lots of $$ is by taking pictures of you almost every moment aboard (and boarding, and disembarking) ship. They have photographers who follow you around constantly. Then they post the pictures on wall displays on a lower deck that you have to pass through to go to dinner. Of course they are for sale, and it seems to me that the prices have gone up quite a bit since our first cruise 10 years ago. All that is to explain why there isn't a picture of me here. It wasn't very good - so not worth buying. I love this one of Bob, so we bought it, and I scanned it so his kids could have a copy, too. (That might be why the cruise lines charge so much - you don't have to purchase copies to share. Most people have scanners, or family members who do.)

Anyway - Bob's philosophy of life is "Life is easier if you're nice." and he means it. He's one of the nicest people I've ever known and I'm happy to be with him.

*Regarding the Nov. elections, Bob's daughter Kathy Tracy Salzano is running for DuPage County Board. I do hope she wins - she would represent the needs of the 'little people' and not the big corporations that are taking over our country. Bob is her campaign manager. We hosted a 'meet and greet' last night. I'm exhausted, but it went well. Bob wanted to take a cruise this month, but we decided against it because of campaign demands. I think it was the right decision, but I would really enjoy a 'break', like a short car trip to Door County. Oh well ...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Got a purse order. It came out great. It was the wrong size... so now there are 2. I must have needed a new sample.