Monday, July 26, 2010

Two Great Pictures

I love these pictures. They look so happy!

Mystery Man

I found another picture I want to share. I'm not going to tell you who this is. You will be able to figure it out, but I think there is a strong resemblance to someone else. What do you think?

Mother's Day continued

Sean Allen, Bob's grandson, with Pastor Rick, after Sean joined our church. Sean is off to Elmhurst College this fall, so he'll be able to continue participating in church activities. We love having him with us.

Some of my family, on Chelli's front porch.

Some of Chelli's family in this picture. Look who's peeking.

I finally took the time to go through all of Bob's recent pictures, at least that was my goal. I was looking for specific pictures, which I just realized I never found. I got involved in all the great pictures I found. This one is from Mother's Day, as promised back in May. We had such a nice celebration at Chelli's.

Friday, July 23, 2010


These are two of my new samples. I've been working on some new necklace designs - Antique silver with photos, of course. I like the way they are turning out. They are similar to my wedding tree ornaments, but smaller and more wearable.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Elhmurst Garden Walk Art Faire July 11, 2010

Sunday was the perfect day for an Art Faire in the Park. Low 80's, sunny, light breeze - add to that a new tent and a great spot under the trees and it was wonderful, almost ... I forgot to bring a chair. Actually, I forgot to read the letter I had received regarding the Faire. Oh, I glanced at it and knew when to be there. The rest (shrug). I was pretty much dead on my feet by 2: when a nice neighbor let me use her husbands chair. (he left)

Amy came to help and brought egg salad sandwiches.yummmm We saw lots of friends and many people were interested in 'Portrait Pillows, Bags and more.' All in all, it was a good way to spend the day and, I think, successful in terms of promoting the business.

I'm so glad I bought a tent. After last years Faire, standing in the sun for hours, I definitely wanted one, but when it came to dragging it to the park and setting it up, I wasn't so sure. Now I love it! And it's cute, with a high point at the top - it looks like a castle. I'm going to have a hard time not decorating it with lots of tulle.

Email for Seniors, update

This is my Mom, who turned 90 recently. We gave her a Netbook, because she felt she was missing stuff, not being able to get on the Internet or receive e-mail. So, now she's emailing her children and grandchildren; getting pictures of great grandchildren with more confidence every day. The little Netbook is so cute!

She's thinking about Face Book, but not ready yet, to take the leap. It makes me laugh when I think about how we 'old folks' have taken to Face Book. I'm sure the kids are thrilled. I've resisted the urge to 'friend' Bob's grandchildren, or even my own, but I do like to keep up by looking at their albums.

Part II (somehow I published the first part of this on my cusiness blog and just discovered it, so when I posted this update it didn't make senxe. I've copied the text just to clarify.)
Mom is still learning to email, and get recipes from Rachel Ray, but some day she'll be on Face Book, too. Do you think she'll be the oldest person on Face Book?

Well, we are still plugging along. The Netbook is so cute, I'm having fun teaching Mom how to use it, most of the time... Lessons usually involve wine, which is a good thing.

Mom is very patient and determined so I'm sure she will get there. She has successfully emailed her DIL and grand kids and has been able to access Rachel Ray's Recipes - which was a goal, so life is good!

The next step is Face Book, but we are taking this slowly, veeerrryy slllooooowwllyy so it will be a while. I have to laugh to myself when I think about how we 'old folks' have taken over Face Book. I'll bet the kids are thrilled! I haven't friended Bob's or my grand kids, as that seems weird, but I am having fun finding old friends. I wonder how old the oldest person on Face Book is. We'll see.