Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lake Park High School Class of 1958 Reunion 9-26-09

Well - it finally happened, after a long wait. And it went so fast, just like Christmas. It was wonderful seeing 'everyone' - I just wish I knew who they all were! Without the yearbook pictures to refer to, it was very difficult to recognize people. Only the teachers didn't change. The rest of us are 51 years older. Of course some of my friends I knew immediately, and others - sadly, I didn't.

Lake Park High School Class of 1958 Graduation

We were a class of 80. The first graduating class of Lake Park High School and I was the very first graduate! Not for any special reason, just that my name started with A, but it's still an honor and there will never be another 1st graduate from Lake Park.

In the picture on the bottom, showing the processional, I can see my parents and grandmother in the audience. Also, all of the faculty are seated in the front. They were all so young - just a few years older than we were. What a great experience to be in a school where you mattered, and your talents were encouraged and supported. And you knew everyone by their name (both first and last) - no exceptions!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Inn At Harmon Park, York Harbor, Maine

Here is a nice picture of the Inn we stayed in. I'd recommend it as a wonderful, comfortable place to stay with a welcoming host Sue Anton, who makes the most delicious breakfasts ever!

One of the cozy porches available to guests. There are three, plus lots of other cozy corners to 'get lost' in. There are working fireplaces in living and dinning rooms and at least one of the bedrooms upstairs.

You can see why we stayed an extra day. I'd like to go back sometime. Maybe we will.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Welcome to Massachusettes! This is not a black and white picture - it was that overcast and foggy.
The picture below shows the resaurant where we had lunch, taken from some distance away. It is in the upper right portion of the picture. We walked a long way.

I took this on Sat. We walked on a paved path in the rain to enjoy the view. Pretty spectacular.

Yes, the sun does shine in Maine.

Bob and I drove to Maine this past week, and returned last night. Yes, I know - 4 days of driving for a 3 day visit... but we enjoyed the beautiful scenery and listened to Audio books. We take turns driving, and we stop when either of us wants to. No debate.
It was very foggy when we entered Massachusetts, and the fog turned into rain as we continued through the states, to Maine. We arrived in time, but had a little trouble identifying the Inn and there are no numbers on the buildings.
I really enjoyed getting to know Bob's ASMI friends - I had met some of them at other conferences, but not the wives. Everyone was very nice and interesting and well informed. Conversations were so interesting.
Bob wanted to take a group picture. The space was a little tight, so he went around to the other side, and took it through the window. Pretty funny. Hope no one is in witness protection!

Most meals, besides breakfast, consisted of some kind of sea food - what else? And I enjoyed my first whole Maine lobster. Yum.

We stayed in a beautiful bed and breakfast in York Harbor,the Inn at Harmon Park. Sue, our hostess was a delight, and took way too good care of us. Her breakfasts were scrumptious. Each room at the Inn is unique and there are many cozy corners to curl up in, should you want to read or be alone.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy 95th Birthday George Thiese

One of my favorite people turned 95 yesterday! And he can read without glasses!! And he can sing all the verses of 'Darkie Sunday School' and carry a tune. My dear friend Janet (his daughter) and Hilda (his wife) had a party for him and many of his friends and family. The food and conversation were great. It's wonderful to catch up with old friends.

My georgeous son

This is Joey without a hat, in case you didn't recognize him. He had a rare afternoon off and decided to go fishin'. I got this picture via his phone. Isn't' technology great? I'm really enjoying the Internet stuff - it's almost like magic! No one would have been able to convince me 10 years ago, that I wouldn't leave home without my phone, and that I would routinely take my lap top with me to finish work at home or in Geneva. I feel like a bag lady getting on the train with at least two bags, my purse, phone, camera, lap top and mug of coffee - and, it's a half hour ride! BTW the fish lived to swim another day.

This guy is standing near the train station, and it is always raining on him. It's just a local shower though, as no one else gets wet, except a occasional child, who runs under the umbrella.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Comment on my blog yesterday

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September 1, 2009 3:47 PM

Naturally, I had to know what it says. Bob's darling daughter Kathy is a woman of many talents, one of which is that she is fluent in Spanish (teaches it). I copied the email and asked her if she had time to translate it. She very graciously did. I was kind of creeped out by it, but I needn't have worried. When I read it this morning I laughed out loud.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Judy and I saw Cabaret last Thursday at Drury Lane. The set was really interesting and unusual. I loved it. And, the cast was large and very good. The costumes are beautiful, as is the cast. All in all, I enjoyed it very much. I had seen it on stage before, but not for some time, and had kind of forgot what the story was about. Definitely not an 'upper'. It's against the rules to take pictures or record any portion of the show, but I didn't think there would be any objection to taking a picture of the 'set' so I did. Judy wasn't so sure...
We always meet early and enjoy and nice dinner and catching up, before the show. The food is excellent, so it's a nice treat every so often. The Subscription includes 5 or 6 plays a season, I can't remember for sure. This has been a great season. Next is Thoroughly Modern Millie, and Funny Girl is the last, opening in Jan. 2010.
BTW, K wasn't there this time.