Friday, July 31, 2009


Isn't this a great family picture? My client gave this purse to her mother as a birthday gift. Her mom is one of the kids in the picture. I was just thinking about how serene the Mom looks in this photo. Imagine getting 14 children ready for a family photo, and the little guy in front looks to be about 1 year to 18 months old. She was amazing!

Monday, July 27, 2009

YES!! Block 7 is finished and it's still July!!

Here's house block 7, and the triangles are getting easier. Block 8 will be out in just a few days and I'm ready! I think it will be fun to put this quilt together and add some details that I have held off on. I want to see the whole thing together before I start adding decorative stitching, applique, etc.

Friday, July 24, 2009

House Block #6 is done!!

Well, I'm still behind because No. 7 isn't even started and it's almost time for No. 8 to come out. This house block was a real challenge - my seam ripper was very busy. The little triangles are very difficult for me. I also cut some pieces incorrectly ... grrr. As much as I try, even making little patterns with graph paper, I still seem to make mistakes. I'm determined to finish this quilt, and I'll go back over the blocks once I see them all together. I want to enhance some of them, but didn't want to start that part until I could evaluate them all. Monday - Block 7!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Little Miss Independent

I just received this picture from my Niece Hilary. It is of Lauren, her 2.5 year old. She labeled it Little Miss Independent. It made me laugh out loud! Lauren likes to dress herself. Notice how color coordinated she is! My other favorite picture of her is wearing her big sister Janey's birthday dress, put on after Janey went to school!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Rain Barrel

The Green Team in my church is very active. One of the leaders is our Director of Music James Winfield. He's very savvy regarding 'green thinking' and has saved our church a ton of $$$ in electricity. My Church is First Congregational UCC in Elmhurst and we are participating in the Elmhurst 'Cool Cities' event in Wilder Park next month. To raise a little money to cover expenses we are raffling a Rain Barrel that has been painted by artist Judy Jeske. Isn't it beautiful? We're selling tickets for a few weeks - $2. or 3/$5.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Its Official! I'm officially behind now

I just started working on block 6 and couldn't figure out why it wasn't block 7. Then it dawned on me that I was a month behind. I want to catch up so it isn't overwhelming.

The little houses in the BOM are so difficult for me, I'm very excited when the block turns out the right size. I'm officially behind now. June was an awful month and July isn't shaping up much better. The June house turns out to be a house and dog house, both! And, with lots of triangles! Not my best thing.

We're still in Elmhurst, too!

Apparently you all are not mind readers! huh... Sorry for the confusion. We have moved from the 3rd Street Shops in St. Charles to Simply Sassys in the Berry House on 3rd Street in Geneva (227 South Third). I'm working in Sassys every Wednesday as part of my agreement.

My studio in Elmhurst remains the same. We moved to the 1st floor last summer. It's been about a year - just long enough to make up the cost of moving in savings on other expenses. I don't want to move again. Moving is hard work!

I took the train again this morning. I love the FREE pass, but I'm not crazy about the 'senior citizen' designation. BTW my 51st class reunion is coming up in September. I'm in shock every time I see a picture of one of my classmates! How did we get so old? Or are these people just pretending to be my classmates to shock me?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Simply Sassys in the Berry House, Geneva, Illinois

Here are some pictures I took last week, on my first day in Geneva. The one on the left shows the desk. I can work on my lap-top, on a table in the corner behind the desk, when no one is in the shop.

I expected it to be pretty quite but there were lots of shoppers, and a few actual buyers! Not to shabby for my 1st day!

The picture on the right shows the cute little window next to the double door entry. The shop is small, but it's very charming, as is the owner, Dawn Suppinger.

Our display is mainly on a tiered shelving unit in the center of the store. It works out very well. Some pieces are displayed throughout the shop. I'll be getting on the train again tomorrow, for my day in Geneva. It's a half block to the train in Elmhurst and about 3 blocks walk on the Geneva end. I enjoy relaxing and reading, rather than burning fuel to get out there, and . . . it's FREE! Who can argue with that!

Come on out and do some shopping! It's a delightul town. The perfect place to meet friends for lunch.