Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Simply Sassys in the Berry House, Geneva, Illinois

Here are some pictures I took last week, on my first day in Geneva. The one on the left shows the desk. I can work on my lap-top, on a table in the corner behind the desk, when no one is in the shop.

I expected it to be pretty quite but there were lots of shoppers, and a few actual buyers! Not to shabby for my 1st day!

The picture on the right shows the cute little window next to the double door entry. The shop is small, but it's very charming, as is the owner, Dawn Suppinger.

Our display is mainly on a tiered shelving unit in the center of the store. It works out very well. Some pieces are displayed throughout the shop. I'll be getting on the train again tomorrow, for my day in Geneva. It's a half block to the train in Elmhurst and about 3 blocks walk on the Geneva end. I enjoy relaxing and reading, rather than burning fuel to get out there, and . . . it's FREE! Who can argue with that!

Come on out and do some shopping! It's a delightul town. The perfect place to meet friends for lunch.


  1. Looks great! I'm glad your first day went well. It sounds (and looks like) a very pleasant place.

  2. Looks like a cute shop...hope to visit soon!