Wednesday, July 8, 2009

We're still in Elmhurst, too!

Apparently you all are not mind readers! huh... Sorry for the confusion. We have moved from the 3rd Street Shops in St. Charles to Simply Sassys in the Berry House on 3rd Street in Geneva (227 South Third). I'm working in Sassys every Wednesday as part of my agreement.

My studio in Elmhurst remains the same. We moved to the 1st floor last summer. It's been about a year - just long enough to make up the cost of moving in savings on other expenses. I don't want to move again. Moving is hard work!

I took the train again this morning. I love the FREE pass, but I'm not crazy about the 'senior citizen' designation. BTW my 51st class reunion is coming up in September. I'm in shock every time I see a picture of one of my classmates! How did we get so old? Or are these people just pretending to be my classmates to shock me?

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