Saturday, December 18, 2010

My wonderful 'family'

Amy and Mike
Joey, Tom and Amy - "now you see 'em"
Joey, Tom and Amy - "and, now you don't"

Joey and Chelli
Bob and I

Last week I had a birthday ( a BIG one) and my wonderful family wanted to celebrate it. We all went to dinner at Francesca's Amicci, then Chelli and Joey hosted us for birthday cake and other goodies. Chelli baked a German chocolate cake and Joey frosted it. Kim and Tom contributed champagne, and we all had a wonderful time, specially ME. yeah!
Kim had to work late, at the last minute, and wasn't able to be with us. She was missed a lot.
Thank you so much everyone!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Family Christmas Tree 2010

You might have guessed by now that I don't have any 'work' pending, so - I'm playing. . . and having fun. I've made some pillows for gifts, and some jewelry, too.

Amy's birthday, part two

Some pictures of revelers, that I particularly like. I just got them off Bob's camera, and wanted to post them even though it was a month ago.

We all chipped in to get Amy some really warm waterproof boots she wanted, for dog walking of course.
This is Chelli, Joey, Glennie and Lindsey.
Tom and Kim are hat people.
So is Joey.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Trees, 2010

I decided to decorate for Christmas early this year. Last year Bob and I were on a cruise that returned just before Christmas and I never did put up a tree.

I put up some little trees this year, and my flying snow-guy, one of my favorite things. It's fun to see him, and the decorations. Helps to feel like Christmas. The snow-guy is bringing stars for the tops of the trees. He used to hang on the front porch, but I like having him inside.

This little tree is in the family room, where I can enjoy looking at it when I'm home. It is decorated with toys (replica toys, small size) and has Santa's from every decade of the 20th Century. Each Santa has a little card telling about events of the time, and his bag is filled with the popular toys of the decade.