Friday, September 4, 2009

My georgeous son

This is Joey without a hat, in case you didn't recognize him. He had a rare afternoon off and decided to go fishin'. I got this picture via his phone. Isn't' technology great? I'm really enjoying the Internet stuff - it's almost like magic! No one would have been able to convince me 10 years ago, that I wouldn't leave home without my phone, and that I would routinely take my lap top with me to finish work at home or in Geneva. I feel like a bag lady getting on the train with at least two bags, my purse, phone, camera, lap top and mug of coffee - and, it's a half hour ride! BTW the fish lived to swim another day.

This guy is standing near the train station, and it is always raining on him. It's just a local shower though, as no one else gets wet, except a occasional child, who runs under the umbrella.

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