Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Welcome to Massachusettes! This is not a black and white picture - it was that overcast and foggy.
The picture below shows the resaurant where we had lunch, taken from some distance away. It is in the upper right portion of the picture. We walked a long way.

I took this on Sat. We walked on a paved path in the rain to enjoy the view. Pretty spectacular.

Yes, the sun does shine in Maine.

Bob and I drove to Maine this past week, and returned last night. Yes, I know - 4 days of driving for a 3 day visit... but we enjoyed the beautiful scenery and listened to Audio books. We take turns driving, and we stop when either of us wants to. No debate.
It was very foggy when we entered Massachusetts, and the fog turned into rain as we continued through the states, to Maine. We arrived in time, but had a little trouble identifying the Inn and there are no numbers on the buildings.
I really enjoyed getting to know Bob's ASMI friends - I had met some of them at other conferences, but not the wives. Everyone was very nice and interesting and well informed. Conversations were so interesting.
Bob wanted to take a group picture. The space was a little tight, so he went around to the other side, and took it through the window. Pretty funny. Hope no one is in witness protection!

Most meals, besides breakfast, consisted of some kind of sea food - what else? And I enjoyed my first whole Maine lobster. Yum.

We stayed in a beautiful bed and breakfast in York Harbor,the Inn at Harmon Park. Sue, our hostess was a delight, and took way too good care of us. Her breakfasts were scrumptious. Each room at the Inn is unique and there are many cozy corners to curl up in, should you want to read or be alone.

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