Thursday, August 20, 2009


A client asked me to do some pillowcases for her. She's a 'Fairy Grandmother'. I'm not clear on how - perhaps as a reader in the library. Anyway, they turned out very nice. I just shipped them and and waiting to hear how she likes them.

Yesterday was Geneva day. I was trying to decide if I wanted to drive or train, when the decision was made for me - I missed my train! Actually, I was standing on the other side waiting for a freight to pass. It usually passes before the passenger pulls out - or so I thought. . . Rain was predicted and i wasn't looking forward to walking in the rain dragging my computer, so I guess it worked out OK. I was only a few minutes late opening the store and nobody noticed. Amy and I had a nice lunch together. I look forward to being in Geneva because I get to see her. We exchange orders/deliveries, discuss orders pending and just generally 'catch up'. Thursday nights I have dinner with my Mom, which I also look forward to. Bob teaches 'Chung' on Thursday nights, so it's a girls night. We have a leisurely dinner at the Elmhurst Restaurant where the waitresses are used to us and don't rush us.

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