Friday, October 16, 2009

The Big 70 - Lots of Candles

Bob didn't think he wanted a birthday party - I thought we should celebrate Our compromise - a family party to celebrate Bob's 70th, plus Antonio's, Cindy's and Jacob's birthdays. It was difficult to find a date his entire family could make, but we did it! And, Steve and Margaret, Bob's brother and sis-in-law, my Mom and Joey were available, too! It was so nice to have everyone!

What I didn't know was that Bob's good friends from Chung Moo Kwan were planning a surprise party for him after practice during his birthday week. I was invited and it was very nice. They are such nice, thoughtful and caring friends. Bob put out the candles 'Chung' style - very impressive. I left some of the pictures un-cropped so the school could be seen.

The black uniforms are the instructors, white uniforms are students. The other women in the pictures is Head Instructor John's wife, Assistant Instructor Georgann. The children are theirs - Sasha and Charlie - Adorable - so well behaved - and loving. The party was very joyful.

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