Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Did'ja ever...

Did'ja ever have a day that started out so good, but somehow just couldn't keep the momentum? This is that day. I was looking for something to wear, and found a pair of chinos that didn't used to fit, and - guess what? They fit! (That yoga must be working.) But, wait... I'm scheduled to attend a C of C luncheon. Oh well, it's just a brown bag lunch - I'm OK. There isn't a dress code. Tried to work on 'something', 'anything' - just to be productive. Wound up moving stuff around. No progress. Tried to order group tickets for our Church Fellowship group, but can't because one couple hasn't responded. grrr. All of a sudden it's time for the luncheon. Closed up and rushed over to the Community Bank on Butterfield. The notice said the luncheon was in the Community Bank Board Room (The last was held there, too.) Got to the bank a few minutes late, to find 'no meeting' in board room. Went to inquire downstairs. Was told "It's at the new chamber office" they have named their board room - you got it - 'the Community Bank board room' grrrrr. I could have rushed back, parked and ran over there, but I would have missed half the program. I gave up and decided to go to JoAnn's to pick up some stuff I need for my jewelry that is on sale. Since I was way South at this point, I decided to go out to Geneva, see Amy, bring her an egg salad sandwich and chocolate doughnuts, and shop at the JoAnn's on Randall Road. Half way there, I changed my mind and turned North to go to the JoAnn's in Bloomingdale instead. (I guess I didn't feel like driving to Geneva.) By this time, I'm starving. Did my shopping, with my lunch bag in the cart so it wouldn't cook in the car, came back to my studio and ate at 2:. Ordered coffee for the church 'Flea and Craft' (I sell Fair Traded coffee as a small mission.)but my favorite Toffee flavored coffee was sold out. I have three purses to make, and I think all of the above was to put off starting on them. I'm not is a sewing mood. There is a Zoomba class later that I am, was, am, planning to take. We'll seeeeee


  1. What a day! (except for the chinos - that was great) Awful lot of trouble to avoid a task! I've done that soooo many times.

  2. Thanks Kathleen, I needed that!