Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wonderful Mother's Day

My beautiful Amy hosted our family celebration and every one had a great time. My favorite daughter-in-law Kim, made a delicious strawberry salad with home grown spinach, feta and her own dressing. I call her 'Martha'. Tommy had to work - his shift has worked every holiday lately! I hope that changes soon. My Mom will be 91 in a few weeks! She's still driving and has a cute condo in Wood Dale where she enjoys the pool and visiting with her neighbors.
I 'borrowed' these pictures from Amy's blog because we haven't downloaded ours yet. There may be more coming.

Amy's house is all fixed thanks to her friend Mike. The previous 'tenant' really damaged the kitchen and other areas, so it's wonderful to see it back to it's 'best' and then some. Thanks, Mike! You do good work!!

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