Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Arcadia, Michigan August 2011


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I'd been there before, but not in a long time. And then, we drove right through and out to my SIL's farmette on Joyfield Road. We'd visited Frankfort, and - I think - Beulah, but not Arcadia. Since my niece and nephew and families live in Arcadia, it was time. Arcadia is a lovely, friendly, very compact, small town. I'm not sure but I'm guessing it's about 9 square blocks. They had told me that things were 'close' but I had no idea... For example, I have been sending packages by UPS, and the Post office is right across the street!! Closer that my car in our parking lot! The two families' homes are 2 blocks apart.

Anyway, my Mom and I were there to see everyone, and to celebrate Lauren's 5th birthday. Lauren is the little cutie shown earlier in this blog, named 'little miss independent'.
The picture shows (l to r) my grand nephew Oliver his Dad, my nephew Alex, grand niece Janey, GiGi (my Mom), my niece Hilary and grand niece Lauren.

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