Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Major Excitement!!! John Williams WGN radio host talked about ME!!!

So, have I ever told you I love John Williams? I've been listening to him on WGN for years. He's this nice, down to earth, did I say nice? really nice talk show host who shares his opinions but doesn't insult or put-down others with differing opinions. Anyway, he's always getting his listeners involved in 'good work'. Most recently, he had a 3 day 'Peanut butter and Jolly' campaign because he became aware of a need for peanut butter in Chicago area food banks. He rounded up 4,500 jars from his fans and $1,000 in other donations.

So, I wanted to help promote his show and do something nice for him. I made a sign and hung copies around our building and in my studio window, took pictures and sent them to him with a little note saying I would like to make a john Williams doll. He replied immediately, and was very excited about it. So, that was Friday and we are leaving for vacation on Wed. morning.

On Monday, first thing on his show he talked about me, my doll business and that I could make portrait dolls for others. He clearly gave all my contact info!!!!

I had to sew fast, which I did. Doll is ready to send. I wish I had time to bring the doll downtown when he's on the air... oh well.

Here he is sans cape, with crown adjusted, holding roses for his wife Brenda.


  1. How exciting! And the doll looks great...the flowers are a nice touch.

  2. ....so cool! I love King John!!