Monday, January 12, 2009

All of a sudden, it's 2009

What happened? It was warm, then we had tons of SNOW, which quickly turned into SNIRT, followed by temperatures sooo d--m cold you almost can't breath ...
Then it got warm and we had rain storms and flooding in the church, and now we have 8" of snow/snirt again, the neighbors flooded yard is an ice pond and my toes are frozen! Don't you just love the change of seasons?

Everyone that I heard from, loved the ornaments I sent for Christmas gifts and I do too. I'm making a family wreath, that can hang all year 'round, with both Bob's and my families. And my new favorite thing is my 'wedding tree'. It's so cool! I have wedding pictures that go back to my great grand parents who were married May 15th, 1882 in Germany. I love the way the pictues look in the 1" x 3" 'frames'.

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