Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wedding Tree II

I've added some new ornaments to my Wedding Tree. Almost everyone is represented, now. I'm still looking for my in-laws wedding photo. The one I have is just my MIL with her sister and brother. I'm hoping for one with both FIL and MIL. Maybe one of the 'cousins' will have it.


  1. This is really nice, did you sell any?

  2. No, but I didn't finish it until after Christmas. We've had a few walk-ins that liked them. It's really do-able for families, because you can do them one at a time. I'm thinking of selling the 'parts' as well as the finished ornaments. I made a round ornament for Hilary with Kelty's picture on it. She said they loved it, and thought they had shed lots of tears they are now able to remember the great life he had. He was a really nice dog.