Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Retiring Church Clerk

Well, I just finished transcribing my minutes for the Church's Annual Meeting last Sunday, and I signed it 'Retiring Church Clerk'. Phew! It feels good to be on to something else. This was my second go-around as Church Clerk and was 5 terms, I think. It's not a hard job, and I do like to be 'involved' and know what's going on, but . . . I want to do some other things.

Bob and I are interested in the Green Team Ministry, and the things they are doing. Under the leadership of Jim Winfield, our Music Director, they have saved the church a lot of $$ in utility bills, and are working on other ideas.
We are going to put together an entry for the St. Patrick's Day parade and I am making a 'Clutter Bug' in the nature of a Chinese Dragon. I wanted to take a picture of all the parts I assembled before putting them together, but I forgot. Oh well. If you want to visualize it, there's a round plastic laundry basket, 2 plastic containers with lids, a child's megaphone, 2 dusters(?) on sticks, several chenille stems and some orange ping pong balls donated by Pastor Rick. He's a ping pong champion among other things! I also bought navy and green tulle, and nine yards of green print 'floaty' fabric for .50 a yard. Joey drilled holes in the container lids and megaphone for me. The rest remains to be seen!

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