Wednesday, February 4, 2009

There's a lot to do lately.

First of all, I received a similar message on Facebook from two special friends. Both filled out '25 random thoughts' about themselves, and passed it on for me to do the same. I've been thinking about 'the 25' ever since. Both friends are so deep and interesting, I want to respond in the same way. What a challenge! It may take a few days.

In the meantime, I have two pillow orders! And they have to be done by Friday. I'm also up-dating our Church Directory in two forms. One for new members, which is a revision of our last Pictorial Directory. The other is a digest size with just names and addresses - a nice, convenient size. And my last seewing class is this afternoon. And, it's gotten really cold again! brrrrr

Some time ago, I made a lampshade for Bob, using pictures of him from baby on, that I found when we moved. The lamp is a great old brass table lamp his Mom had given him many years ago. It is special to him, and the shade was stained. I covered the shade with textured silk I had sewn the pictures (printed on cloth) to. It turned out really well. I'll take a picture and post it soon.

After that, I did a small, childs lamp shade for display in my studio, using some pictures of me. A picture of it is at right.

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  1. How do I find your face book page?
    The lampshade looks great.