Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's been a busy few weeks, also very cold and snowy. Hard to get up in the morning, but if I don't - then I can't park when I get here. grrrg

All of a sudden I have lots of orders and other work. People often ask me to repair dolls, and I usually turn them down, but . . . this sweet lady came in with her daughter's doll that she wanted fixed up to use as a decoration in her great-granddaughter's bedroom, and I had time, so . . .
The problem I had with it is - I knew the doll was originally dressed in an evening gown, with ear rings, high healed sandals, etc and I didn't like the idea of dressing her prairie style as the customer wanted. All of the original clothes are long gone, and the customer obviously doesn't remember, or care. She turned out pretty well, I think. The customer is always right, the customer is always right, the customer is . . .

My dear friend of more than 40 years (but we're not counting) came to visit for a few days, from Texas. She was just in time for a major snow storm and cold snap, which was a reminder of why she moved to Texas in the first place! It was wonderful to have her here and we had a good time talking, talking, and talking with a little shopping mixed in. And she helped me with some projects in my studio. What a bonus! We tried a take a picture before she left, but I don't have it. I just have one of Barb and Bob, trying to make her camera work.

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