Friday, May 7, 2010

Antonio Luppino, Compabello, Sicily

This is a picture of a play, performed in Compabello, Sicily. The guy in the tank top is Antonio Luppino, Johnny, Joe, and Ed's 2nd cousin. Our new found cousin seems to be an actor. He found my SIL Phyllis, on FB and friended her. She's a cute blond. Phyl was afraid to answer him because he writes in Italian and she didn't know what he was saying. (I guess I'd be concerned, too, if a strange man friended me, even one with the same name). Anyway, it turns out that our Uncle Joe was his God Father, and Joeys son, our cousin Johnny, knows about him and can read his posts. There are a bunch of pictures from a play, on his fb and I just grabbed one. He friended Amy too, but hasn't friended me, possibly because I'm not a genuine Luppino, Neither is Phyllis, but she doesn't use her maiden name so he wouldn't know that.

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