Saturday, January 8, 2011

OK, so it's January . . .

I remembered to purchase my parking permit for 2011, and was so pleased with myself for getting it before the end of the year, just before. We, my memory being what it is, I remembered to buy it, but did not remember to display it!!
Now, I know it's my mistake, but . . . when I apply for the employee reserved permit, I give them my company name, and address. They have the information available on line, including that the permit is paid for. The parking lot is right outside the door to my building. It was the first working day of the new year. DO YOU THINK THEY WOULD GIVE A WARNING TICKET RATHER THAN AN ACTUAL FINE??? NOOOOO WAAAY! Or, maybe I'm crazy but, they could have come in to the building and reminded me that the permit was still in my purse. So, $400. to park, plus another $25 bonus to the city. It seems like a contest somehow, and I lost.
I know this isn't Mayberry - but, where does the spirit of cooperation and niceness come in? Is the City so poor, or the parking officers so pressured to give out tickets, that they can't take a few minutes to 'be nice'? Life is easier if you're nice. It wouldn't do any good to tell them that . . . sigh.
BTW, I did go to the police station as soon as I realized what happened, and they said to go to City Hall for an adjustment. I did that and was told there are no adjustments, no exceptions, no excuses. YOU HAVE TO DISPLAY THE PERMIT. There is not even a one day 'grace period'.
Rant over - except that I might send this to the 'letters to the Editor' section of the Elmhurst newspapers. Any suggestions of comments??

I'm adding a picture of my studio window - I love the pink tree. I used it to display jewelry and it's so cute, I hate to take it down. May wait a while and enjoy it.

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