Monday, February 28, 2011

F*R*O*G*, part II

Still working on frogs. I've made 3 cell phone holders, which are OK, I think.

The large frog purse however, still needs work. I have a finished green frog that is probably a step in the right direction. (You be the judge.)

. . . and a snaky, mutant type croc-frog.
Maybe I should just make a baby crocodile???

On the green frog, I'm going to give the head more definition and make the legs a little finer, and the front feet smaller and more defined. I was trying to avoid stuffing it, as I don't know how it would stay in place without stitches on the outside. It does have a purse shaped lining. Stay tuned . . .


  1. Your frogs are so cool looking!!!!

  2. totally love these....btw I stopped by from ironcrafts sight, love your blog!