Thursday, March 24, 2011

Envision - Women in Art, Design & Wellness, March 4 -5, 2011

One of my friends, Roz Long, has this great ability to envision new ways to produce  'fairs', and they just keep getting better. Roz is the founder of Art in the Park, which has been an annual event in Wilder Park for many years. This is the first event for the newly restored Wilder Mansion. It was a beautiful venue, and Roz treats her vendors very well.
I'm going to post some pictures of Vendor Friends, along with some pictures of my booth. I do hope this becomes an annual event, too. Thanks, Roz!

This is my display. I tried to keep it small and easy to move. Also, did not want to confuse people with 'too much'. I like the way it turned out.

Erika Mock, a very imaginative and talanted fibre artist, and all around sweet person. She was fun to be neighbors with. Her studio is in Superior, Wisconsin - she travelled a long way for this show. I purchased two things from her. Couldn't resist. One is a great pink scarf, the other - 'pulse warmers' (she named them) which are like long gloves without fingers. It's always so cold in my studio they are very comfortible. These are difficult to describe so I'll try to post pictures later.

This is Alouette Artisan Jewelry by Jamie Anne McClellen. She and her friend made the show fun by being next to me.
The Cookie Fresco Italian Bakery is new to Elmhurst, and conveniently located only two blocks from us at home. (580 N Michigan, on back side of Mimo's on York.) Yummm. They generously gave out samples all show long - delicious!
Tim Gurrie, Pampered Chef and good guy - he didn't seem to mind at all being the only male vendor. Love the apron!

Tiffany Baker - one of the sweetest, most talanted artist you can meet. She continuously creates new and unique items that are irresistible, and soooo girlie. I love them!
I think this is Donna Costellanos, I'm missing some cards. I loved this art work, too.

Harris Bank was a sponsor of Envisions, and their rep's were delightful.

Some business cards that I collected have 'gone missing' so I hope someone will help me fill in the blanks and correct any errors.

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