Thursday, March 24, 2011

The reason I've been MIA

Well yes, for those who didn't notice - I've been away. Did the Envisions show, then spent an intense few days including Sunday working to get the new web site finished and usable so Joey could up-load it. YES!! There are still a few little 'defugelties', but it works. Only took 2 years for the web guy and another few months for me to 'populate it' and learn how. phew!

Departure from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Took off Wed. morning very early (6 ish) and I tried not to wake up 'til we reached mid-Indiana. We drove to Atlanta, then drove to Ocalla on Thursday. Friday morning we drove to Ft. Lauderdale and boarded the Carnival Miracle. It's the perfect size cruise ship (not too big) and we had a great cabin. It was unusual because it was a 'handicap accessible cabin' which meant that it was BIGGER. It had a very nice balcony, too. Oh, and it had alarms all over the place! We found all but one. Casey, our cabin stuard was very patient with us. Thank God, we didn't pull the one in the bathroom! Actually, one was positioned right over the headboard on the bead, so it was hard to miss, if you raised your arms. We learned not to raise our arms. Another one, positioned right outside the door (like a door bell) made noise like a smoke alarm and flashed a bright light. We didn't set that one off - someone passing by pushed the button, which we later realized is a door bell.

Bob, enjoying our little balcony. He liked sitting out there.

Street scenes in Curacao (pronounced cure-a-sow). We stopped in the little restaurant on the left, for beverages and free wi-fi. Needless to say, the wi-fi didn't work, but the drink was good. Pina colada.

We opted to be dropped off in town after our tour. No sooner had we left the bus, than it started to rain. It began with a deceptive mist but grew into a real storm and didn't let up. We had wanted to cross over the water on the pontoon bridge, but took the fairy instead. Some people got caught on the bridge and had to ride it out, in the rain. I love the colorful store fronts and houses in Curacao - it's a very interesting city. Lots of unique stores, and tons of banks.

The Dominican Republic was a study in contrasts. Some group (the cruise line, I think) has tried valiantly to carve out a desirable city and tourist attraction here. I took a picture from the ship as we were arriving, because I noticed the sudden change in scenery. Haiti is at the top, but I'm not sure it's visible - the bare ground may just be un-developed land.

So, they took us to this cute little area where famous people own homes. (Clinton flies in to golf frequently. He has a villa there. So does Bush Sr. among others.)

Then to a lapidary museum which was conveniently located inside a jewelry store, where we had lots of time to look around. (Actually, I think we could have stayed as long as we liked within the limits of the tour.) Outside the store were dancers and musicians in native garb for picture taking. They tried hard to work up some excitement, but it was very, very hot and we weren't used to the heat. 


This picture reminds me of an old ATM commercial. Do you remember it? The tourists hand the kid with the donkey, their camera so he can take their picture with the donkey. They take the leash and he walks off thinking he traded the donkey for the camera. LOL

We cruised the Southern Caribbean - first 2 days were 'fun days at sea' then stops in Curacao, Aruba, the Dominican Republic and Grand Turk - the last day was another 'fun day at sea' and we arrived back in Ft. Lauderdale 8 days later. Very fun trip.

BTW - I read two book I probably would have missed, from the ships library. I recommend both highly. Marlo Thomas's memoir Growing Up Funny, and John Grisham's The Confession, about the death penalty. Very interesting.

A special visit with Barb and Charles Sullivan in the Villages on the way home, made this a perfect trip.

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