Friday, April 1, 2011

Florida Carriage Museum

While visiting our friends in The Villages we had a special outing - a surprise visit to the Carriage Museum in neighboring Weirsdale. The grounds are absolutely beautiful - a former horse farm with acres of green grass and beautiful rolling lawns. The link to their web-site is above.

I'm including a few pictures of my favorite carriages, plus one modern interpretation for Joey. The carriages are amazing and go back to Roman Chariots and even earlier. This is a visit I'd recommend to anyone in the area, or traveling to central Florida.
The front yard of the Carriage Museum.
View from the front porch of the Carriage Museum

Carriage of Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria circa 1850. It has been completely restored, including real gold appointments.

Opera Carriage. They have a carriage for everything, but I can't imagine people changed Carriages for their various activities.
Wedding Carriage

A horseless carriage? Wouldn't you love to go on a picnic in this?
And for Joey, a brand new Hummer, modified to be pulled by horses. Some artists statement...


  1. Wonderfull caross, best regard from Belgium, have a nice Week- End

  2. Wow,It really looking great.I want to visit this museum because i impress to seen this different Carriages.