Tuesday, March 16, 2010

St. Patrick's Parade 3-13-10 - Drip Dry Dragon

Another march down Spring Road behind the Elmhurst Armpit Orchestra. I'm not sure if there is a reason why we are placed behind them, but they are fun, and entertaining and make the wait seem shorter. We typically walk at the end of the parade, because we collect recyclables. I'm not sure what they did to deserve being at the end...

It rained on our parade this year. Rain was predicted, so we came prepared with umbrellas, ponchos, etc. That kind of cancelled out all the green we were wearin'.

This is an acitvity or our church's (First Congregational UCC) Green Team. The ClutterBug is a Chinese Dragon type critter, that I made last year, to give the Green Team something interesting for the parade. It is a work in progress, growing and changing every parade. Lots of church members joined in, and we had fun. The heavy rain waited until the parade was over, but not until we got into our cars which were parked a long way from the end of the parade route. Oh well . . .

The ClutterBug marched too, with Bob, Karen and I, inside. It was snug and dry in there, but it gives an odd perspective on the parade. Basically, you can see some feet along the sides and the person in front of you - Bob in this case. His view was through the ClutterBug's nose. When I listed what I wanted to be when I grew up, a ClutterBug wasn't even a glimmer of an idea. Who'd a thought..

The ClutterBug is reclining over the tops of several folding chairs, to dry out. Some ironing will be needed, too, I think.

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