Monday, March 1, 2010

Yesterday I met an old friend

After church yesterday, we were invited to a dear friend's home for lunch, and to talk over the annual meeting, and to listen to "Irish Thunder" - a series of PBS TV shows with Irish male singers. In the series of 3 programs, we watched one young lad, Damien I think, grow up. It was delightful and I'm quite sure he is a super star. It reminded me of watching Donny Osmond grow up, but this kid did it in one afternoon.

When we arrived, and went to put our coats in Judy's guest room, I saw this adorable doll sitting on a chair. Of course, I commented on it - "Oh, what a cute doll" or something like that. Judy looked at me as said "Well it should be, YOU MADE IT!" The weird thing is that I don't have any memory of making it, but I do recognize it when I see it, and know that I did.
Sometimes I worry about my memory, or lack of it - but I think it just a case of needing more RAM - my brains are full.


  1. I think you gave the memory loss thing to me!!!!

  2. Sorry. Maybe it's payback for the 'insanity thing' ;o)

  3. Hey-that memory loss thing is scary,isn't it? I do it with books i've read also. I'm a chapter into a book and realize I have already read it. I don't know how it ends and can't remember enough of it to explain it, so I just enjoy it a second time. I love it that you enjoyed the doll. See-great taste. Pat(Karen & Amy's mom)