Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kid Cards

I've been playing with paper today. I bought lots of big sheets of scrap booking paper and now I'm cutting them up into little pieces. That doesn't make sense, even to me... however, it's what i have to work with. I spent hours last Saturday, trying to find tiny black dots, the stick-on kind. I found tiny white dots, but not black, so i bought tiny black brads, which is the closest thing I could find. I wanted to use them for eyes. The tiny black brads look(ed) really cute to me, until I did one kid with just dots for eyes. I like that look better. Glad I didn't buy tons of the others. The thing I like about the brads is they help secure the kid to the card, but I'll figure out another way to do that. Glue is not my favorite thing - I'm messy. Hot glue is even worse! I usually wind up gluing my fingers to my project, and - don't get me started on crazy glue...
Here are a few of my little cards, they are 4" x 5" approximately. You can clearly see my arms holding the camera over them. I have to find another place to take pictures.


  1. Very cute. You're right, the brads look fine but the dots seem to go better . . . more little girl-like. I'm thinking fabric -picturing a quilt with all these girls and their different dresses & dos each looking out their own window.

  2. Adorable idea! You're so creative! I'm thinking of doing some little boys too, when I get inspired. (Maybe with hats - cowboy with bandana around neck, baseball, firefighter . . . what else?? Maybe that's enough.)