Friday, June 12, 2009

Ms. Invisible

For years I thought I had an anonymous face. People never remembered me. Being a ‘people person’ I remember everyone, so I was aware when they didn’t recognize me. It was especially hard when Joe kept running into people he knew everywhere we went. I not only felt anonymous, I felt invisible.

That changed after I started making cloth dolls. Then, when I would re-introduce myself to someone and they would say “You’re the doll lady.”

Shortly after I started the doll pattern business ‘SewSweet Dolls’, I met a woman I’ll call K, in the Doctors waiting room. I was pregnant with Joey and she was expecting her first child. We would see each other frequently and got acquainted. Later I was invited to a party given by a friend, and who should be there but K. We had a mutual friend.

Through the years I have run into her regularly and she has never remembered me. In the past 5 years or so, Bob and I see K and her husband in Fresco's frequently. She even poked me once to ask whet I was eating. She came into my shop looking for Chelli Chique, she waited on me and followed me around a store she was working in and never once remembered me.

Lately I have pointed her out to Bob and to my friend Judy. Honestly, everywhere I (we) go, she’s there. I don’t try to catch her eye or smile at her any more.

Judy and I have had season tickets to Drury Lane Theatre for many years, on Wednesday nights. When the theatre schedule was changed, we had to switch to Thursday nights. The first Thursday we attended, I spotted K and her husband standing in the crowd. Our seats turned out to be behind a very large man and neither Judy or I being very tall, we couldn’t see around him. We requested different seats for this season, and got great seats in 3rd row center. What good luck!!

Guess who’s is sitting right next to us. . .

Tonight is the 2nd play in series. We take turns sitting on the aisle, so I will be next to K.
I’m not sure what I’m going to do.

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