Monday, April 20, 2009

Silk Screen Class with Maggie Weiss

This is Maggie Weiss, my favorite teacher! She was so nice, and always smiling, even though her laptop had been stolen. I have always wanted to learn to 'silk screen' and she made it easy and fun.

She's holding two finished projects from another class she taught. Look familiar? I think the whole class used the same face, and then finished the project any way they wanted. The results were amazing.

Some of the samples Maggie brought to inspire us. It worked!

This is my screen and picture I used to make it

and here is the finished print - ready to do something with. I love the sepia look of it. I want to take more classes with Maggie, if I can. She's in Evanston and has a 3-day class scheduled, so maybe . . .

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