Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thread Painting Class

Beginning thread painting is another IQF class that I enjoyed a lot. It's so much fun to learn new techniques. Bonnie Langenfeld is a very good teacher and, if she wrote a book on Thread Painting, I'd buy it!

I haven't finished my project yet. It was an all-day class, but I got there 10 minutes late, with very little caffeine, and never quite caught up. My first mistake was to start out in the wrong direction. It was supposed to be a horizontal not vertical layout. I was planning to keep working on it, but maybe I should start over - and get it right in the first place.

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  1. Hi Cara,
    I just ran across your post about my class at IQF. Good news, I am finding my new thread painting book online! Google my name and it pops up in several places. How about sending me a picture of the piece you were working on, or a new one you've started, and I can give you some tips and answer your questions on how to keep going! Bonnie bonnielangenfeld@joimail.com