Thursday, April 2, 2009

What Happened?

Something happened while I wasn't looking. I got old. . . older? This picture is from 1956. My friend Dorothea is standing next to me. She's one year older and was always the person I looked up to. If she did it, then I did it, too, a year later. We met when our parents were young adults and good friends, around 1944. She passed away last year, of Cancer. I miss her a lot and still 'talk' to her all the time. I didn't start out to write about this - it just sort of 'came out'.

My right shoulder has been in pain a lot lately. Last Saturday, when we met the Easter Bunny, we also met two nice Doctors from Illinois Spinal Care, who were giving free consultations in the back of the Fruitful Yield Store, along with a mini massage. I told you that we got lots of free goodies. The meeting was very opportune, because I also have a permanent knot in the back of my neck from sitting in the same position all the time (sewing and typing) - and trying to focus on the screen makes me push my chin out - tri-focals, you know. Back to shoulder - sometimes I get a sharp pain in the center of the shoulder that wakes me up at night. I'm not getting much sleep, so I decided to 'go for it'. Made an appointment and had an evaluation, complete with x-rays yesterday. Later this afternoon, Bob and I are going to meet with the Doctors, to hear their recommendations. I'm sure it will involve some PT. Through the years, I've had other aches and pains taken care of in that way, with great success - hope it still works. Re-reading this, it sounds like I'm falling apart - maybe I am. It's time to do something about it!


  1. OMG you were alive in 44?! I just re-read your profile. 68?! OMG - I thought you were about 50ish. You are NOT looking older!

  2. Thanks! You made my day!! ;o)