Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Catching up - My kind of weekend

Whoops! We're a little saggy here!

We started and ended this 4 day week end with parties! What could be better than that? Friday we celebrated Mom's 89th birthday. Amy and George hosted. We had another wonderful dinner cooked by George, using The Egg! We also celebrated my favorite DIL Kim's, and Joey's girlfriends birthdays. Then, on Memorial Day, we celebrated 3 more birthday's and Cindy's house with a great cook out and lots of fun people! Sean, Rina, and Julianna all have May birthdays, too. What a month!!

Bob and I walked in the Memorial Day parade with our church Green Team. Actually, we organized the group, schlepped stuff to and from the parade and 'worked' the Clutter Bug for the whole length of the parade! It takes 3 people for the Clutter Bug to be effective, ideally, they should be similar in size. The head of our Clutter Bug was Joshua, Rick and Linda's 8 year old grandson. Bob, who is over 6' was in the middle, and I brought up the rear, trying to keep the sides from blowing around in the wind. Someone said that it looked more like the Clutter Camel!

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