Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Design Team for Amate'

I thought I should address this - I didn't win. The two ornaments shown in an earlier post, of Georgie, Oliver with ribbons and miniature crayons, and a round one - a close-up picture of Amy with Reilly, decorated with charms, were my entry samples. I realized it was a long-shot, but you never know if you don't try, and - you can't win if you don't enter...

It was disappointing and a relief, at the same time. I was concerned about being able to keep up with the schedule they outlined in the application. Anyway, as I thought, they were looking for people who work in clay and resin, as well as inks, sparkles, etc. They cross sell with other manufacturers who make that stuff. I'm not interested in that type of 'art' so I think it's OK that I didn't win. (But it would have been fun.)


  1. Sorry about the team, But i think your stuff is better.
    The collar photo is funny, people think we can't tell them apart and have to color code them.

  2. Thanks Honey, it's sweet of you to say that. I guess I like what we do also. I'm not interested in doing the kind of things the winners did. I'm posting two pictures of winning entries and might put up more later, if they are different. My entries were basically all the same.
    I'm not sure color coding would help me - I wouldn't remember who had which color . . .