Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cinco de Mayo celebration, the Egg and Georgie

George invited us to a Cinco de Mayo party. I've never celebrated Cinco do Mayo before, but I'm ready to do it again! We had a wonderful dinner, prepared by George in his new Egg, and a wonderful time. Tom, Kim, Bob and I were hosted by Amy and George and my four grand dogs and 2 grand cats. Tommy has a patch over his eye as a result of a scratch. It should be better today. George cooked fajitas with both pork loin and fillet! Absolutely delicious. Grilled onions, grilled peppers of every color (so beautiful - see picture on Amy's blog, lots of condiments, sour cream, black beans and rice. But wait - there's more ... strawberries, ice cream, angel food cake and brownies baked in - what else? - the Egg! Do you believe it? It was fun seeing all the dogs. I have to confess I'm having a little trouble telling them apart, but they are all adorable. If they would stand still, I think i would know who is who. Thanks George and Amy for a wonderful party!

Amy resting after a long day of working and entertaining. Lucky is resting, too.

Dog collar 'art'.

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