Wednesday, March 18, 2009

House Quilt Block 3 in the rain

Well, I'm cutting little squares again. I am getting better at it, though. I'm starting to feel as though I should re-make Block 1. I've noticed that there are some in our group who are making more than one of a block. Personally, I'm excited to see all the different versions, and can hardly wait to see the assembled quilts!

Adding to today's entertainment, we have rain ... inside. Seems the handle on the toilet upstairs stuck - 'nuf said. Fortunately Joey was here to hear the rain and save the day. He 'unstuck' the handle and assured me that the ceiling will dry and no more water will come down. That's good. No harm done. phew! That was close.

It's Done! QB3! My squares are getting squarer, and my corners straighter. BTW the fabric is a black and white tweed with an evident weave. It 'morayed' in some of the pictures, (like in moray taffeta - I'm not sure how to spell it.) so it looks a little odd, but in 'real life' its cute!

Words of advise to quilters. Don't move your waste basket and fabric bin while you are working. I put mine in the opposite places and, well - you can guess what happened! I've been picking threads off my fabric for a half hour now.


  1. Looking good! I didn't see a problem with your first block (?) I love the color scheme you've chosen.

  2. Thanks, Kathleen, I appreciate your comments. I hope it looks good when all the parts are assembled.