Thursday, March 26, 2009

Janey's birthday dress

Janey, after school.

I sent Janey's birthday gift a little late, because I wanted to be sure i was sending the correct size. In the meantime, I realized that Janey is quite an artist, so i decided to include some special pens as part of her gift. My niece Hilary, Janey and Lauren's mom, sent these wonderful pictures and I couldn't resist posting them. So cute...

Little sister Lauren the next day, while Janey was at school.


  1. Beautiful girls and a pretty dress.

  2. Did you make it? Did you use a purchased pattern or did you design it?

  3. Thanks for your nice thoughts. I don't sew clothes. I shop sales with extra discounts. I love 'real' outlet stores and estate sales. It would probably be fun to sew little girls dresses - kind of like doll clothes only bigger. They might expect buttons or other 'closing devices' on them, though. (On doll clothes, I just pin them to the doll.) And they might want to take them off sometime, too. Nope, I think I'll stick to other stuff and buy the clothes.