Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Procrastinating, again . . .

One of the reasons we moved to the first floor (or moved at all) was because the ceiling leaked off and on. Dale (the building fix-it man) tried and tried and tried to have the problem fixed. It had to do with the air conditioning duct work in the ceiling over my suite. Anyway, one weekend there was a serious leak and my sample quilt was ruined. I've been so depressed about it - that I haven't made a new one. I know it doesn't make sense, as I need the sample to get more orders. I took it apart and will wash the parts, but the pictures are permanently stained - so I'm really starting over. Fortunately, I found similar fabric and the end result hopefully, will be the same.
I purchase the blank quilts, then embellish them with photographs, etc. We've sold a lot for wedding anniversaries. This is a 'painless' way to do a quilt and makes it affordable to customers.

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