Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Little boys had such cute clothes, didn't they?

I love this picture. Old photographs are such a treasure. This is my father and his little brother circa 1920.
When I was little I played with the toys my grandmother saved from Daddy and Uncle Tom's childhood. How great is that! I still have as many of them as I could hang on to. There are little records, very thick, in beautifully illustrated albums, made like books. Also, a really cool 'musical instrument' that is a player harmonica. I can still remember using it and inhaling a lot of dust. You kind of have to huff and puff into it, while turning the little handle to keep the 'roll' (smaller version of a player piano roll) moving. The thing that I wish I still had is the circus set of wooden animals and props, all jointed. I guess there wasn't room for it in our new house, so it had to go...


  1. What a wonderful picture to have. Your father looks like a very serious, responsible older brother - adorable.

  2. I'm sure he was. Funny - Tommy took (and still does) his role of big brother very seriously, too.